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City of Zagreb
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Work title: Architecture marching in Zagreb

Architecture marching in Zagreb Architecture and Public space are not only the place that people use for expressing their conflict of economical and political paradigms of the society. But Architecture and Public space are also able to be a key of being harmonious place among totally different scenarios like commercial activities, public activities or even political activities. It depends on how we rearrange them. The public space and the function of architecture like commercial area, walking street, the park or main city square, somehow or sometime are used and mixed for all activities together to serve the citizens needs. Our proposal Use some space in the air above Tram routes and develop for being a new high-level public space for people and new high-level of central commercial area. Create the new city networks of public activities and commercial activities along with city transportation. Create new upper level of the city and also link them with all surrounding commercial buildings together, to expand more new upper level of commercial area. Example location and scenario The experimental scenario is set at Ilica ulica to the Ban Jelačić Square. This area is part of city transportation transfers people or tourist to the main public square of the city. And this route is also surrounding by commercial area, shop, retails and big market. The architecture (tree cube) is representing marching of people needs (good public space and commercial area for city development). Marching of new architecture and new public space are heading to the main public square of the city is representing the word “revolution”. Future expansion Architecture can be spread to other parts of city through the tram route. The inside tree-cube are not only being the retail or commercial area. They can be adjusted to match with other activities in other areas base on the concept of using space above tram and creating more public space and green areas.
Work details
Application Number 0000703149
Author Suebwongsarn, Egachai , Thailand
Coauthors Yuangtrakul, Tawin , Thailand
Yuangtrakul, Tawin , Thailand

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 03/08/2015 13:47:21
    An expressive idea and a good level of design, but aggressive in its implementation. A quality is the implementation of programmes outside retail. Not for realisation in its aggressiveness.
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