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Work title: The Wonderland

CITY OF WONDERLAND CONCEPT: We live, dwell, wander, appreciating the space, so the landscape of ours walks be unnoticed. Our buildings, the places where we enter, unknowns, despite of being close our homes. Alleys, streets, wrecking buildings, unoccupied buildings, where we don''''t give attention, they have a look of us that can be registered or distort them. The concept of the project THE WONDERLAND, suggests the following: the look of the subject that discuss the city, changing the look over it. Making allusion to the count Alice in the Wonderland, we propose this concept: unfold the unknown. In the masterpiece of Lewis Carroll, the scenarios and places where Alice discover occurs in hers own yard. In this project, we propose a parallel with this fantastic adventure, when urban spaces misused, by many reasons, can – by means given in the devices - take different proportions, be used, articulating mobility, accessibility, politic and thematic discussions. DESCRIPTIVE MEMORIAL The project is composed by the articulation between and physical structure and a virtual platform. The physical structure will be disposed in several points of the city, giving equipments like bicycles, skateboard, scooters and rollers; it will be given too 4 interactive helmets connected to the application system. The user will operate with the following modes of transformations of the urban space: Alice: beautify Rabbit: encourage Hatter: cloud Queen of Hearts: Enlarge Which of this changing modes is in each helmet, with a design that explore the signs of each of this characters above. ACTION IN THE CITY: Each person will choose a helmet (Alice, Rabbit, Hatter, Queen of Heats) and equipment of mobility (bicycle, skateboard, scooter, roller) to course in different routes of the city, which will be in the device. In this course, the propose is to choose which points of the city can be enlarged, encouraged, beautified or clouded by the projections in the buildings, related with the connections of this points of the city and the public space. Starting from the application downloaded in the smart phone, will be available some routes, information and images to be projected in the structures, each image related to the film intentioned to be exposed. To change the vision of each space, in the end of a “level”, the participants will gather in the platform and debate about the way each one chosen to express their opinion and political forms of action in the city. The objective of the project is to expand the forms of access to the public space, expecting to change them beyond the normative perceptions of daily use. The ways of changing the public space available in the helmets relations the playful dimension of the book with the forms of aggregate multiples points of view and conceptions to be discussed further. The available equipment the helmets and mobility devices also is a space for reunions and exchanges about the courses and images created with the helmets. By the discussion we propose the interaction, the questioning and the flow of ideas to better understand and doubt the relations in space, time, city and subjects. VIRTUAL PLATFORM The application was designed as a kind of social network, where each user logs and have access to the whole data of the device. The data describe the project, founding it theoretically and philosophically, with photos and animated photos that make a reference to the film, to be projected in buildings, routes, designated to the execution of the routes, mapping the city, with GPS systems and also access to the profiles of the others users. In the database all the information used seized by the users will be stored as a theoretically founding for discussions and comparisons to be made in the physical platform of the project.
Work details
Application Number 0000703136
Author Sousa, Maikson Alves de, Brazil
Coauthors Leão, Denys , Brazil
Sampaio, Isabella M Londe, Brazil
Sousa, Maikson Alves de, Brazil

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 13/08/2015 11:37:54
    The competition entry has only partly fulfilled the competition criteria. Although the effort invested is appreciated, the work does not qualify for the second round.
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