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Work title: Pique-Fruta

PIQUE-FRUIT: fertilization PUBLIC LIFE The "Pique-fruit: fertilization of public life", aims to create spaces of interaction and coexistence, from collective feeding practices, preparation and exchanges. Means the forms of access, interaction and use of food arising from urban public spaces as a potent forum for political exercise, committed to the more ponctually, the collective training tactics and spaces of everyday dialogue. The link between daily life, food and space - more punctually urban fruit trees - shape, so the micro-political vector stimulated by the project. Some usual socialization activities or even stay in a public space ambience need to develop more potential for aggregation and political mobilization. The proposal constitutes the appropriation of fruit trees disseminated in the city, so that in their immediate surroundings is established a public sphere of micro-political character. The generator concept of this proposal is to fertilization as multiplication process, affectation, expansion and summit a set of microscopic phenomena of the tree itself. The fruit, mostly anonymous and / or made invisible in urban landscapes take on the direction of guides in an intensive city occupation process. Some issues unfold as gear this process: Knowing where? In what conditions? Which establish relations with the environment? What forms of shelter and / or stage they can host for urban dynamics guided the transformation of its fruit? How to learn other political exercises from the presence of urban fruit trees? Fertilize public life means to extract these fruit pretexts to occur neighborhood meetings, exchanges of views, everyday conversations, an occupation whose result is the possibility of seizing their presence and / or absence and the implications this triggers in urban dynamics . The tree as a subject of politicization of urban life, the possibility of breaking with his sense of landscape and move to admit it as condesador link activations policies. Such activations are laden with everyday actions, involving the preparation of foods such as juices, pastes, fruit salads, jams and experimental revenue derived from this supply of fruit scattered in the city.The equipment is of articulating function of those events where, through what transports and dismantling of its own structure, the appropriation of spaces demarcated. The fruit pike consist of the following: 1 application 1 mobile equipment - tool APP The events will be held in the shadows of fruit trees of urban space, using the application itself as a vehicle for dissemination. Through the application people will have access to periodic events, or even schedule future events. Proposal on the part born of self management of users. The application results in mapping and timing of fruit, as every scheduled event, you can identify the species of this fruit and its seasonality. MOBILITY EQUIPMENT: TOOL The equipment consists of different parts, which are transformed into armchairs, puffs, several seats and provide the necessary equipment for food preparation, like washing, cutting and processing of fruits. What is it? The cart consists of an urban device who has the function to question the lack of green areas in urban areas, as well as lack of fruit the city. Also questions the conformation and / or occupation of spaces within the metropolis. For who? People who feel the shortage of spaces for integration and sociability, green spaces, and those seeking to make sense of spaces already consolidated. People who seek the best occupation city spaces in order to improve the urban environment. Objective: Seeking a few spaces used, the purpose of the device is re-qualify and reinterpret these spaces. Through regular occupation of these points, encourage social practices and establish and encourage new forms of occupation of underutilized places. In this sense, the tree has a fundamental role in the action, it has potential for many living practices. Expected Results: Instigate critical thinking of people as citizens and users of urban space. Point barely utilized spaces in urban areas and emphasize its importance, indicating activation of political possibilities.Appropriate the potential of green spaces and question the importance of green spaces and especially fruit trees in the urban environment.
Work details
Application Number 0000703135
Author Oliveira, Rafael , Brazil
Coauthors Fonseca, Carolina ,
Marques, Ana Caroline ,
Nobre, Higor ,

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 13/08/2015 11:40:03
    The competition entry has only partly fulfilled the competition criteria. Although the effort invested is appreciated, the work does not qualify for the second round.
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