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Work title: Good Shit

In the UK there are more than 4 million cameras - one for every 14 citizens – that guarantee your safety every moment and second. Only in London there are 10,524 cameras which have become the determining factor in the balance of security that helps us sleep peacefully at night. Going to the supermarket, taking our kids to the park, taking a walk through the city, going out for dinner with your partner, attending a concert, going outside for a smoke after work, visiting that part of town you do not know, going out to buy some clothes, sit on a terrace with an ice cream with that old friend you have not seen for so long. No matter what you do or when you do it: the Big Brother is watching every step, every moment of your life is being videorecorded, because this is our security, continuous and invisible security of all justice, CCTV is his silent and effective weapon .Or not? Is our security worth the same as a delayed safety? Safety? Or the illusion of safety? Our project goes for the radical opportunity of enhancing the rights of people as human versus technology applied to security useless in a face to face base, a new balance of freedom-security. Faced with this massive and intrusive Big Brother, we democratize the public space nesting on the basis of trust between humans, neighborhood assistance, assemblies for and by people, government from below. And how to achieve this? We will play with the systems own weapon to turn it against him. The evolution of surveillance cameras: New specie endowed with freedom of movement, drones. The older brother of Big Brother. But these artifacts will not have cameras recording but the tool that will change the system of ¿inter? dependence between people and government. Drones will generate a controlled smoke with different densities throughout the city, disabling the vision of CCTV’s but not harming at all the social life development. And what will happen the day after? Citizens will rehabilitate the city with freedom and the encouragement of a generational change through progress, they will trust human progress against technological progress power and peace will return to the ordinary citizen. Trafalgar Square, one of London’s most videorecorded zones. After installing this Bigger Brother, the word ‘square’ will make sense by itself, self-managed by its real owners, a non-capitalist metropolis, the people who live there, a bubble in which it will exist what is really required to exist. Might is in people, and we people trust people. What happens with security in this new stage of action? Do we really need to ask ourselves? Were cities not secure before they took this new technological fascist identity? Were not they even safer? Do we really believe that there is an alternative to be observed at every moment, to lose the freedom we have to live in our own cities, emerged from nowhere by our ancestors? Could it be that perhaps the problem does not lie with the people but on the approach that has been given in a commercialized and imperialist society? Congratulations. You are no longer being videorecorded. The human being has been victorious. Big Brother is dead.
Work details
Application Number 0000703116
Author Granda, Ángel , Spain
Coauthors Cano, Ramón , Spain
Escobar, Ronte , Spain

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 13/08/2015 11:31:49
    The work has fulfilled most of the competition demands. The jury recognizes the value of the proposition, although the quality of the entry does not suffice for the third round of the competition.
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