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Work title: Ibiza Virus

IBIZA VIRUS 300 mg. Public Space Goes Viral. CONSUMER VIRUS INFORMATION This leaflet answers some common questions about Ibiza Virus 300mg. If you have any concerns about taking this virus, ask your nearest architect or town planner. Keep this leaflet with the virus. You may want to read it again. WHAT IBIZA VIRUS IS USED FOR Ibiza Virus is a combination of phenomena imported from the Ibiza public space that infect our cities during some months per year. Several events organized by both private and public enterprises that aim to a economic benefit offers the citizen a new way of public space experience while making money thanks advertising and social media. BEFORE YOU TAKE IBIZA VIRUS The anatomy of the Ibiza Virus has been made through an extensive analysis of its different types of public spaces that coexist in the island. Some of these ways of public space and social interaction exist only a few months, between May and September, and influence the nature of those social interaction patterns that remain on the island all year. As public space means conflict Ibiza has a really conflicting one . The massively increase of the party tourism faces the local culture, the frenetic way of live on summer promote the hibernation state the island gets the rest of the year. Architecture arise without architects building gigantic night clubs, and offering the tourist an urban scale theatre with a varied selection of scenery where the foreigner can release all its energy and play any roll he wants for a week. So Ibiza is both a completely false island, a fake theatre where hedonism, ephemeral, vice and party can take place and a real place where the farce happens, with deep roots, where the spiritual, the creative process, the contact and balance with nature, implication and significance has a meaning and sculpt the personality of its inhabitants. The simultaneous existence of these two opposite worlds supplies Ibiza with a public space rich in meaning and aspects. HOW TO TAKE IBIZA VIRUS For a better experience of the Ibiza Virus make a diagnosis of the things that happens on your city. Once you have find both problematic and ease spots on the public space make it viral. Suit the conflict, and put the public space to the limit. Let the citizen make its own rules and let the virus freely reproduce. WHILE YOU ARE USING IBIZA VIRUS Notice each strain of the Ibiza Virus has its own characteristics. The time lapses can vary from one to another. The time needed for organisation, building, virus life, and consequences after the virus strain can change depending on the city patient. Do Expose Ibiza Virus to sunlight. Do not keep Ibiza Virus dry. Subdue Ibiza Virus to constant discussion. Our Project consist on four stains of the virus base don the simultaneous, spiritual, ephemeral and hedonist properties of the island.
Work details
Application Number 0000703083
Author Martínez Romero, Rebeca , Spain
Coauthors , ,
Escudero Góngora, Jesús , Spain
Fernández Serrano, Andrea , Spain
Méndez López, Daniel , Spain

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 13/08/2015 11:42:11
    The competition entry has only partly fulfilled the competition criteria. Although the effort invested is appreciated, the work does not qualify for the second round.
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