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City of Zagreb
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Work title: A.P.S (Autonomous Public Space)

A.P.S (Autonomous Public Space) The object of the project was the Design for the redevelopment of the square of the existing square has suffered many damages and the existing design solution has not allowed residents to use it properly. The square is deserted, unregulated and dangerous. The main aim of the design was the regeneration of the square and the enrichment of its role as a vital core of the city. The design focuses both on enabling visitors to just cross the square as well as on encouraging them to remain on the square spending leisure time there. The new public space should harmoniously and artfully fill the existing gap between the built and the natural environment. The square will essentially be a "green filter" between the dense urban fabric of the city and the greenery, combining sunlight, air circulation and water. The design concept will bring the residents together with nature, without isolating them but on the contrary enabling them to connect between each other and concentrate at the same spot. We faced the form of the new square as a leaf, in which - if we look at it carefully and under magnification – we will find a vein system, a structure system, an information flow system. Adopting a system of ribs and in combination with the side road traffic flow we created green areas with a dynamic organic form, which exude mobility rather than immobility to the visitor. The change in height between the various cast in concrete structures and benches provides to the visitors an imaginary mobility, like a leaf moving in the air. Therefore we created traffic routes, comfortable to walk, pleasant to the eye, with plants, trees, flowers, green areas and design architectural elements on both of their sides. Linear luminaries embedded in the concrete benches express a dynamic approach during the night. Water plays an important role in the quality of design of public spaces. Usually, this role is played by fountains. However, past has shown that classical forms of fountains are often abandoned either due to the cost of operation or the cost of maintenance. Thus the design includes a water installation, which does not require regular maintenance like a classical fountain. The aqua dome is a vertical installation where water creates a water curtain, allowing visitors to enter the interior and come into contact with water, without getting wet, offering to the visitor passive cooling and sound proof and at the same time a harmonious visual effect The lighting of the aqua dome is provided by led technology, switches in various colors, causing beautiful optical illusions with the reflection of light flowing on the water. Close to the aquatic dome we suggest the creation of an area with wooden deck surrounded by small bushes and plants placed among seating elements and solar umbrellas. Visitors will be able to purchase their coffee from the local coffee shops and drink it in the public space. The use of this area will attract the visitor to spend more time in the square, and not simply cross it. The deck space will also be used as an event venue, for musical events, book fairs, painting exhibitions, performances, environmental education etc. The proposed space will constitute an event venue in direct eye contact with the aqua dome. The shape of this also adopts an organic shape, in complete harmony with the rest of the design of the square. The new public space adopts led technology for its lighting. The energy required for the lighting is supplied by the photovoltaic panels arranged in the pergola and photovoltaic films of the solar umbrellas. The lighting columns also provide free internet access through wifi and usb chargers for cell-phones and tablets. In the area of the child playground there are small rain water collectors shaped like up-down umbrellas to collect the rain water for irrigation needs. Furthermore, the whole square is designed such a way that even the circulation routes can collect the rainwater for the same purpose. The adoption of green technology and water recycle was among the main design parameters of the new public space. Through these the kids, the new generation of citizens, will learn from an early stage about the green technology, renewable sources of energy, recycle, reuse of rain water collection & sustainability. Finaly there is a bicycle parking created for the citizens and visitors. The municipality is considering adopting the idea of a municipal bike sharing which will operate with photovoltaic panels.
Work details
Application Number 0000702994

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 13/08/2015 11:43:44
    The competition entry has only partly fulfilled the competition criteria. Although the effort invested is appreciated, the work does not qualify for the second round.
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