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City of Zagreb
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Work title: The Connetion

European was the most developed region in the world. European classical architecture still intact and preserved by the local government. Each year new architecture come and take place that causes the shortage of open spaces. Pedestrians walking spaces are lost to cars and other transportation. The European pedestrians space are no longer comfortable to pedestrians. Therefore European pedestrian area need to be extended to create a better pedestrian path. Our proposal is to divide large pedestrian space in smaller spaces, in a way to decentralizes, and distributes public space demand to each people equally. Each district could have their own unique spots, such as café district, music district, and many more. Therefore the quality and variety of the pedestrian will improve. Zagreb annual visitors was nearly 1 million making Zagreb one of the most favourite tourism spot in Europe. Donji Grad is zagreb’s most popular district of tourism. From Ban Jelacic square to other popular spots are reachable by walking distance, therefore we wanted to create a better pedestrian in this district.
Work details
Application Number 0000702908
Author Hardjani, Kenny Christian, Indonesia

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 13/08/2015 11:44:36
    The competition entry has only partly fulfilled the competition criteria. Although the effort invested is appreciated, the work does not qualify for the second round.
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