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Work title: Equilibrium

"In a community of interests, there is a danger when a member becomes too powerful." Jules Mazarin 1- tALKING ABOUT THE CONTEXT The truth The world has never produced so much wealth at present. If this wealth was distributed equally among everyone, everywhere in the world, a family with three children would have an income of 2,870 euros a month and a wealth (savings, housing value ...) € 125,000. We talk about all the people on the planet: Africans, Asians, Europeans, Americans, etc. 2,870 euros per month, it is not enough to live in luxury, but sufficient enough for all human beings have a comfortable housing, electricity, drinking water and sanitation , etc. the reality With an equal distribution of wealth, everyone will have 23 dollars a day. But 2.4 billion people live on less than $ 2 a day and 1.2 billion even with less than $ 1.25. In the world, one person in three lacks basic sanitary device, and one in four does not have access to electricity. One in seven lives in a slum, one in eight is hungry and one in nine has no access to drinking water. Finaly, the financial crash of 2008, in Europe 4 million jobs have disappeared due to the crisis (A critic situation for 43 to 53% of the population). Having a job is no longer enough. or, a person working 10 now lives under the poverty line. The consequences The birth of social movements against inequality: -Occupy Wall Street -We Are The 99% -Indignant Movement -Etc... 3-solutions approach : equilibrium (open space discussion) equilibrium? Equilibrium also means balance, parity, equality, regularity. It comes to create Equality between people vitality, political actors, economical actors and ecological or environmental sustainability. This is open space for discussion about all topics with different actors to resolve social crisis of our century: the inequality distribution of global wealth. This crisis is origin of several failures in a society; Unemployment, poverty, malnutrition, famine etc. It''''s like an agora of ancient Greece (the birthplace of western culture and democracy). It provides an exchange area to dialogue between all actors of society. The project is based on circle for product a circular area to maintain the connection of people around the subjects Trough communication methods "Open Space Technology". But it also a multifunctional wood design structure which can be used both as important events (meeting, conference, etc.) or free space (playground, exhibition, relaxation, celebration, etc.). The site Firstly, equilibrium is a design to resolve a social crisis by discussion. For this challenge we decided to choose our intervention area on Zagreb as European city. At Zagreb, we choose an area which can be qualified as the point of convergence; they called it THE HEART OF ZAGREB. This place has a particular connection which each important component in this city. "STJEPANA RADICA" is border by, cultural building, government building, mayor office, municipal courthouse, banks, parks and housing. It appear as subtle space which can produce a really connection between people around the same action. But may also be an attractive space or reference point of this city. By "equilibrium" we change the vision of people about space. This project can also be implementing to another European country and why not, it can also be installed to ano- ther worldwide country because we are all in front of the same problem or crisis. -solution of good communication as practice:open space technology (ost)
Work details
Application Number 0000702851
Author boris hermann, Kamte mekontchou, Togo

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 13/08/2015 11:45:32
    The competition entry has only partly fulfilled the competition criteria. Although the effort invested is appreciated, the work does not qualify for the second round.
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