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Work title: GrowPyramidion

The GrowPyramidion The garden structure is set in a park, a field, a vacant industrial lot, it can be built anywhere on the globe. Our planet has a rapidly growing world-citizenry. This population boom is occurring largely in urban areas. We need to feed all these people, and we ought to feed them with healthy natural un-processed food. Humans have been eating fruits, vegetables and grains in simple forms for eons. In recent times modern society has moved to un-natural, over-processed food-products that are not good for our health. People in cities often do not have any meaningful access to natural fruits, vegetables and grains. We urgently need to develop a food-producing urban hyper-structure prototype that will support community gardening for the average citizen-farmer. The planet is full of abandoned and un-used metal cargo shipping containers. These eight foot by nine foot by forty foot steel boxes were used to bring products from manufacturing-countries on ships across oceans to the consuming-countries. These metal boxes are left behind in the consuming-countries because it is cheaper to make a new one in the manufacturing-country than to ship a once-used one back to them empty. They are stacked by the hundreds down by the river where I live, and in ports across the globe. A few people are making tiny homes and dorm buildings out of them, but the stacks keep building in every port. It is time to put this enormous stock of large metal boxes to some practical use at a significant and universal scale. The GrowPyramidion is a practical and beautiful way to combine the positive re-use of all of these metal shipping containers, with a joyous meaningful solution to urban hunger and malnutrition. These steel boxes are made to be tough enough to survive the ocean trip, and so they are the perfect element to build a rigid metal ‘mountain’ for growing food. They can be welded together on all the edges that touch one another, and become a total structure of great strength. The inside of each one can be outfitted with racks holding basins for dirt and plants. The ceilings can be fitted with continuous LED Grow Lights. Each container has been shown in real field testing to deliver about 33 pounds of food a week. This means a GrowPyramidion can produce 1.7 million pounds of food a year. This is a simple, powerful and scalable solution to creating healthy food in every city in this world. Imagine one thousand citizen-farmers in every urban center with access to a grow-container on the steel mountain of the GrowPyramidion. With steady garden work, sharing with their families and friends, we can feed the city people of the world.
Work details
Application Number 0000702827
Author Badrick, Bill C, United States

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 13/08/2015 11:45:46
    The competition entry has only partly fulfilled the competition criteria. Although the effort invested is appreciated, the work does not qualify for the second round.
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