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City of Zagreb
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Work title: Javni Prostor / Recycling infraestructure

WE WANT TRANSFORM ENGINEERING WORKS IN PUBLIC SPACES CREATED BY THE HAND OF ARCHITECTS AND PLANNERS DOING INTERDISCIPLINARY PROFESSIONS Infrastructure is a key in the development of urban environments, this relates the public space and the private space. streets, bridges, public transport, parks, plazas, support the different dynamics that necessarily have to take place in the public space. but often these become underutilized infrastructure elements generating lots of areas to drift. As well as with elements that conect banks, these large infrastructure high costs are useful to bring two points separated by a water source, but what about the residual spaces that are generated under these items? The project is located in Zagreb to develop a a public space in a vehicular bridge across the river zava, a fundamental urban axis to the dynamic city, however the project could be located in different public spaces of European cities preserving its purpose -make public space recycling existing infrastructure – Sources water not taken the value they deserve , the company consumer has chosen to turn them into sewers. But water is a vital element for life and architecture from awareness can make it do that this is important. We think the public space to framing water landscapes with the generation of projects put in connection with people water sources. Beneath the motorway bridge and in nearby areas, a programe of activities to reative this area in disuse has been started. It also look the cure the open wound create im the city after the construction of the flyover. graffitis wall, sports courts, a skate area, a olimpic pool and break dance areas has been instaled under the construction.
Work details
Application Number 0000702699
Author judsalazarqu, Julian David Salazar Quintero, Colombia
Coauthors Betancur Vasquez, Natalia , Colombia
Betancur Vasquez, Natalia , Colombia

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 13/08/2015 11:47:10
    The competition entry has only partly fulfilled the competition criteria. Although the effort invested is appreciated, the work does not qualify for the second round.
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