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Work title: The Noise

THE NOISE The mysterious noise that Penzias and Wilson tapped into, turned out to be the oldest and most significant sound that anyone had ever heard. This was cosmic radiation left over from the very birth of our universe. Using the subtle discipline of radio astronomy we are picking up on the sound that probably contains more answers than we can comprehend. A sonic completion to our visual notion of the universe. Cosmic noise is rarely heard, but is all around us. The everpresent resounding sound of the Big Bang is the sound received by this pavillion. It is then emitted, to the level of silencing all surrounding sounds. In case of this object, the noise becomes inviting. Approaching the edge, with each step forward, noise intensifies and visitors enter a different kind of mental state. In physics and electronics, noise is mostly unwanted random addition to a signal. "Static" is heard when listening to a weak radio transmission with significant electrical noise. It manifests itself as "snow" on a television or video. The surrounding and the pavillion are one, with its poplar portal, horizon, lake, hill, nature, forming land art. While the object consists of one simple path, slightly tilted skywards, in a way disconnecting it from its environment, distancing it from the town and the ground level. Spiritual places are traditionally associated with silence and calm. Here, this is evoked by calm and noise. Speakers at the end of the path emit the cosmic static, play it live, tuned to its frequency, resounding and spanning along the pathway. As ears catch a faint buzz at first, the noise gradually increases as one approaches the source of it. It becomes louder, reaching its peak at the end of the path. There is nothing on this way but a straight one kilometer long path leading to the noise. Slow down and listen... By getting inside, one may feel isolated, purify thoughts, increase awareness, expand consciousness, focus on the inner despite being surrounded by beautiful nature. Once there, surrounded by the sound of the cosmic radiation, one is provoked to contemplative moods, meditating on the big questions, bathing in amplified truth. Green spaces on the ground become camping ground for visitors who wish to follow their unique experience of nature in Yverdon-les-Bains. The intervention contains a clear invitation to isolate and hear the timeless soundtrack of our universe. The noise becomes the building material, seminal part of the pavillion, defining its architecture, challenging perception, reshaping space in new and inspiring ways.
Work details
Application Number 0000302261
Author Simic, Nenad , Serbia
Coauthors , ,
, ,
, ,
, ,
, ,
, ,
, ,
, ,
Cogoljevic, Ana , Serbia
Ignjatovic, Boris , Serbia
Joksimovic, Aleksandar , Serbia
Kadvanj, Darko , Serbia
Matejic, Marko , Serbia
Nikolic, Jelena , Serbia
Omanovic, Edin , Serbia
Zamurovic, Nikola , Serbia
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