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Work title: The non-labyrinth

The Non-labyrinth. Towards an awareness of urban sprawl and border making. Creating an environmental experience to react on the poorness of urban identities and contextualism. Relations are now weakened and suppressed. By making outer connections that are deleting these suppressions, we unveil relations and play with the social awareness of our radical urban settlements. Inhabitation is based on economical and political strategies. Zones, borders and a suppression of visual relations has lead to social poorness in the way we live today. Humanity has created a non-context city, a city were conflicts were born. Boundaries were created. We as habitants of our metropolises have made an artificial sensorial life that is a labyrinth with virtual solutions. In the non-context city we make forced decisions by analogy. Can we question ourselves with the thought of making a non-labyrinth. A copy of fragments of our urban impact as pavilion. As the copy can be transformed we can make a non-labyrinth. A place that could be seen as rare. This space depends of the juxtaposition to work and it reacts on our controlled labyrinths. The juxtapositions are used as a catalyst to transform the copies. A non-context space transforms in its opposite. I & Universe Yverdon-les-bains Individual choices are a permanent element in our network today. The way we communicate is fluctuating between virtual and natural connections in our urban society. However an emerging virtual universe is beyond suppressing our way we interact with our environment . A labyrinth has controlled our society. A labyrinth of action-reaction. Could we suggest a moment of self-reflection. A moment were we could change the way we communicate and have a sensorial stimuli. Can we eliminate our stimuli by communication in a traditional way. Can we fade and impede these stimuli by action-reaction. This non-labyrinth is controlled by I , were Universe is visible. We could fade elements of our surroundings by fading vision and movement. We create the architectural environment and suppress our communication. Aquabubbles and regular visitors are inserted in a parabolic transparent structure, floating above water. When movement and heat are inserted as action, reaction is that vision and thus communication is impeded. Evaporated water is filling the structure, leading to a atypical movement. The labyrinth of action-reaction, destructs itself into a non-labyrinth . Nature and Artificiality Neuchatel A new urban environment of the virtual display. Our senses and choices are depressed and manipulated by this new medium. Is our natural habitat crumbling like noise in a digital signal. Since the center of our movement and sensorial stimuli is now controlled by this virtual display, we are making a virtual labyrinth. Being stuck in this labyrinth could be a threat to our natural habitat. Our answer to this problematic is to crumble the natural habitat, making it an artificial architectural scene. We can now look at our natural habitat by display, and wonder what display is telling us. By using a crumbled field of mirrors, fragments of our context reflects and changes when moving around. We create the scene by moving through the crumbled area. Images and sounds bounce. Hard surfaces bring sounds in an ever changing way to the spectator. Nature has been given the opportunity to release its stimuli by artificially re-build what is left from it. The non-labyrinth is creating itself by thought. Is it natural or is it artificial ? Moment and Eternity Murten - Morat Species are controlled by the power of time. Experiences are lead by this element. This element is configuring our habits . When implementing stimuli, we are influenced. Can we be free of this element. How can an experience grow out this idea. A circular transportation through this structure is making a déjà-vu. A never ending experience where the thought of getting to the same place, the same moment is an illusion, the déjà-vu. As density of habitation rises, the floating structure will sink. Specific weight of structure + habition equals specific weight of water, causing the pavilion to fluctuate above and under water. When loops are made by spectators, equal points will change. Time has lost its power over our stimuli. A non-labyrinth. Power and Freedom Biel-Bienne The spaces we create are defined, it’s a strict labyrinth off controlled freedom. We aren’t aware of the consequences. The creations are relatively permanent and define daily habits and patterns. Can we have freedom without power and how can we bring this juxtaposition to make this new space, this non-labyrinth ? The answer is a single copy out of these fragments that is transformed by its surroundings and inhabitants. A non-labyrinth is created by implementing the juxtaposition of power and freedom. Space is controlled by air-intake and the force of current water, movements aren’t controlled. The pneumatic structure is build below water, controlled by air intake and shaped by the outer force of water. Space is kept in balance by air intake mechanisms and has multiple turbines for floating experience. Users can be free in this non-labyrinth. Meaning & Movement The labyrinth is giving us the ultimate problem of goals. The purpose of movement is lead by reaching the way out, bringing us to the solution. That solution is what the labyrinth wants us to look as the solution. Can we eliminate the labyrinth in the control of movement. The idea is to give the spectator back his experience with the movements he makes. The form the water creates, the breeze and speed. The vision of water and the feeling with the body itself. A capsule that brings spectators of Expo .01 is equipped with a pneumatic transparent base. A membrane like a womb embraces the body and places the meaning and movement back to the foreground. Kinetic energy in the membrane is used as energy to provide information and to be a catalyst of speed control. As the capsules are making their way through the Expo .01 as drones, spectators are not lead by the goal, they are lead by the context and stimuli.
Work details
Application Number 0000302200
Author Larousselle, Franky , Belgium
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