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Work title: Chaahk

OVERVIEW:: If Blur as a material effect has a place, it is at the edges – dissipating them into a manifold continuum. This is as much a problem of geometry – of borders and boundaries, geographical orientation and alignment – as much as it is a problem of cultural norms, political affiliations and ideological positions. It is no wonder then that fog becomes the significant substance of Blur. Blur is complicit with a new mode of consuming, occupying and participating with(in) a site. Material anonymity and material specificity become mobilized against one another producing a brave new state of openness. One might think of Anaximenes’ Aer, an impure mixture of particles that produces a radical blindness enabling war machines to run hotter, see less and sense more amidst its cooling fog of war. Since Blur, the production of nothingness has become both a disciplinary architectural challenge as well as an increasingly recognized geopolitical objective. Prior to 1999, the production of nothingness could be framed as technique without application followed by something of a lost decade due to war, financial collapse and investment into the ether of derivatives. We now find ourselves immersed within avalanches of data with the ability to [im]properly embrace them. Architecture is not exempt from this critique as many virtual projects during that lost decade never made it to materialized application. However, techniques developed during that time have advanced in terms of scale and intensity thus allowing us to reconsider Blur projected at a global scale with precise application and even more intense sensations of nothingness. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION :: Chaahk is an effective tool that enables the systemic augmentation of weather patterns by injecting evaporated sea water into the atmosphere at a massive scale in order to deliver it to targeted on-shore destinations. This is done in partnership with on-shore infrastructure that captures the moisture delivered via weather systems; then distributing it through an otherwise conventional aqueduct system – reclaiming and distributing water gained through melting polar ice caps. SCENARIO :: Weather is no longer a viable system for humanity in its present form. The behavior of weather has been modified to such a degree by industrial forces that our best recourse is an attempt to blur/invert this relationship by using weather to augment the behavior of global Empire. Left unchecked, weather’s mythical violence long correlated with the mere manifestation of the gods threatens global stability and the possibility to sustain ethical standards of living for individuals. Additionally, its intensifying unpredictability poses unacceptable and unsustainable risks to global markets, nation states and multinational corporations. Rising sea levels threaten coastlines while drought rages through once fertile farmlands. Resource scarcity ceases to differentiate between developed and undeveloped countries. Basic Needs becomes the dominant political mantra throughout all social and economic spheres. It becomes evident that if a multi-national regime is to exert any authority within this milieu, it must be able to first and foremost provide access to controlling the weather. Climate radicalization is simply too great a threat to go unclaimed. And with widespread, scientifically supported and cultural acknowledgment of climate change, the population has already attributed this violence to the abject chimera of industrialized multinational weather and the Anthropocene. All that is left is for one (many) to claim sovereign authority over the weather. In a desperate act to preserve global order, multiple undisclosed assemblages of nation states, energy and infrastructure companies, agri-business and privatized security forces implement a series of globally scaled, multi-purpose weather generating systems that provide the promise of smarter weather and a brighter future. While its applications are wide-ranging and indeterminate, its primary function is to manage the distribution of weather systems while combating rising sea levels. Weather is primarily delivered as aid to areas that would otherwise experience severe drought in order to enhance crop yields thus guaranteeing food supply to meet global demand. Weather could also be delivered to cities so that their municipal water needs can be met. Wealthy nation states might continue to outsource their farmland and deliver weather to economically accessible land if domestic territory does not suffice. In short, Chaahk secures weather and Chaahkobs (the collection of competing multinational weather entities) securitize their access.
Work details
Application Number 0000302151
Author Taron, Joshua M, Canada
Coauthors McGie, Michael , Canada
Onulov, Adam , Canada
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