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Work title: Perforated lake

Perforated Lake The focus of the project is based on the premise of invoking user experiences in different scenarios contained throughout the pavilion. These experiences are changing depending on where they are located and is intended the user to interact directly with various elements found in nature. The formal development of the project aims to create a unifying architecture to merge completely with the context, to be part of it, that''s why we immerse the main platform of the project and make it almost invisible from the ground, seeking to create the sensation of a naturally perforation created in the water. In order to succeed in creating a real experience to the user, we create a variable route along the pavilion, through the manipulation of different sensations and scenarios, prompting uncertainty and dislocation. The black Holes (1st Phase) The first phase extends to the square and serves as a direct experience with the earth through the drilling of it in 3 different locations, which act as generators of the square trace as well as main entrances to the next phases of the project. The creation of these three tunnels work for the user to delve into the project and to lose all perception of what they left behind in order to create a transition to the next experience. The 3 black holes have different experiences that seek to incite the user access through the manipulation of feelings inside. The first one aims to manipulate the sound through strategically speakers located inside that play acute or severe resonances depending on the approach to be taken with the second phase of the project. The second black hole seeks to create sensations through the manipulation of light, illuminating the entire space differently, depending on the amount of people who are attending at the time. The last tunnel aims to change the space depending on the temperature of each user by contact with the walls, staining them in different shades of red and orange. The Massive Circle (2nd Phase) Phase 2 of the project is contained in the water, where the user is completely surrounded by a submerged circle of 100m of diameter with its entire surface is covered with stainless steel and perimeter tilted toward the sky. The main objective of this stage is to create the sensation of being contained in an endless space, by displacing the user with the help of the different reflections that will be in the entire peripheral surface and on the ground. By making this space a reflection plaza, and being completely submerged, it is possible to fully reflect the sky, thus losing the perception of extent of the space. The massive circle has only 2 large black holes located north and south and serve as articulators to the other 2 phases of the project; due to the reflection they cast on the ground it give the impression that users are introduced to a kind of black perforation contained in the floor, making this experience even more attractive. The Floating Circle (3rd Phase) The third and final stage of the project consists of a steel grille platform, which works as an offset of the main circle and which is 30cm below the water level. The platform aims to interact directly with the water, looking to create a public space in which to perform a variety of water activities and providing an space for the people to take a break from the tour, all of this while creating the illusion of floating in water.
Work details
Application Number 0000302131
Author ro.flores, Rodrigo Flores, Mexico
Coauthors Gonzalez, Jorge Gonzalez, Mexico
Sada, Mario Alberto, Mexico
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