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Work title: One''s Universe

The relationship between an individual and the universe is a perplexed realm. Thus, the ability to reflect on oneself is one’s universe. The project explores the potential relationship between design and its environment. The proposal is a circular platform divided into a three phases to investigate and enhance different spatial and experiential conditions. The first phase, the obscured area, is submerged below the water level. Its atmosphere is densified with fog created by the lake’s water. The intention is to lower one’s dependency on their visual ability and heighten other senses in order to prepare their state of mind for the next phase. The process and preparation of the senses is similar to climbing the Mayan temples. Climbing the steps of the Mayan temple is a rugged task and one must position their body to climb vertically. Once at the top, their body quiver as a result of a strenuous climb. The body becomes weak, therefore intensifying the greatness of the monument below their feet. The experience of the second phase is comparable to cathedrals, where one proceeds into a space tremendously larger than oneself. This spatial condition imposes a hierarchical contrast as a reminder of a grander existence. This second phase called “the universe/univessel area,” is where the users board their individual univessel. Univessel is a unique floatation device and also a linkage between the static structure and the magnificent landscape. It is designed with elasticized ETFE and shaped for an immediate response to sit or lay down. When lying down, the user’s view is free from obstruction, leaving them to connect with the surrounding landscape — a backdrop for self-reflection. On the univessel, one might experience their physical surrounding while another might be immersed in a psychological manifestation. Once done reflecting, the users row back to the circular platform onto the enlightened area, the third phase. This interstice between univessel and shore is a place for recollecting thoughts, gathering of people, and sharing of experiences. The project, as an open-ended device, is an investigation to see how spatial and architectural experiences can induce human psychologically and physically into a state of self-realization. Essentially, the users can reflect back on their time at One’s Universe to always understand oneself.
Work details
Application Number 0000302112
Author Huang, Hsiao Rou , Taiwan (Republic of China)
Coauthors Kitchaiya, Kyd , United States
Liao, Hung Kai , Taiwan (Republic of China)
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