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Work title: Neuchâtel’s Stratum

New looks on water. Water is the main element on Earth and yet we seem not to be able to see it anymore. Like a forest prevents to see the trees, so much water impedes to see it. We want to use that overflow of water and design with it a fresh experience, a new type of a journey that will generate a new knowledge on water. In the Neuchâtel´s Stratum water will be everywhere. So much everywhere, and in so many different levels and degrees, that you will wonder if the characteristics given to water are really real. The building will become a mind labyrinth through water. Where does the element start? Where does it finish? What form does it have? Is it really horizontal? Our concept is that of a physical, natural, mental lasting architectural idea, achieved by layering both the differences and the different elements, eventually and in time leading to a new outcome, which will go beyond its own time and space.
Work details
Application Number 0000301903
Author van der Boog, Claire , France
Coauthors Wang, Li , China
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