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Work title: Peak Eye

Juror's comment
grade 5 cool, compelling
Peak_eye a journey in a gourmet capsule In respect to the brief, this proposal for the peak - "eye" is first of all breaking the rules. To achieve the aesthetic of a conceptual and contemporary solution, the project questions the given boundaries of the peak competition from 1982. The peak - eye is a reflection of Hongkong''s city character. All the residential parts are integrated in an hybrid tower complex to interweave with programs more open for the public. The project provides all programs decribed in the brief, introducing a new one. A moving gourmet restaurant, that should combine qualities of high class cuisine from east and west. The guests of this restaurant are not only enjoying culinary specialities, they also experience Hongkong in an totally unique way. The guests are enjoying a four hours journey through a state of the art cuisine celebrating Hongkong''s skyline. ” The cuisine makes up twenty percent of the restaurant, the rest is atmosphere ” - Paul Bocuse
Work details
Application Number 0000102256
Author Valcu, Horatiu , Austria
Coauthors Reist, Daniel , Austria
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