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City of Zagreb
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Work title: 9x9: A Study in Inductive Design

Process: Moments within a structure, discreet spaces, views from specific vantage points, these are the images that served as catalyst for our proposal. Interested in exploring the idea of experiencing architecture as a narrative of specific moments, we began the design process by creating the moments that would construct that process. The goal for the initial phase of the design was to create as many sketches as possible of the kinds of spaces we wanted for the site based on a variety of sources and imagination. By keeping the images at the same scale and medium the ideas for spaces are processed and distilled through the same method. The images are then examined and compiled to construct the actual plan, section, and form of the project. Therefore the overall form of the project is arrived at through a series of aggregates instead of an overall form then broken down into discreet parts. In the end the images are further distilled, and refined from the feedback of the plan and section to create the seven final images that describe the space of the project. The presentation is made up so that one first sees the seven images taken from various vantage points of the site to give one the narrative of the space, and then the plans and sections act as the index to better orient oneself within the narrative. The Site: The final result of the design as a series of cascading terraced units with large open air courtyards in between takes advantage of the panoramic view of the site. Each unit enjoys unobstructed views onto the harbor and Kowloon. The courtyards create large open spaces for the residents as well as the public, and serve as entries to the tunnels that dig through the hill to the underground viewing decks that look out onto the entirety of the city.
Work details
Application Number 0000102208
Author Wu, Juenan , United States
Coauthors Kwok, Renee , Hong Kong
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