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Work title: The Peak

Juror's comment
too simple
There is a historic relationship of foreign-controlled ports, Hong Kong included, serving as a location of trade and social exchange, as settlements nearby would often come with their own purpose-built leisure programs, adding a wild-west mentality of behavioural freedom onto the political. The Peak club is envisioned as the host of this behaviour. The limited memberships extend to the most powerful operators in the city; the semi-autonomous domain that they run is observed in its entirety from this location. The strategy is to establish a field condition, a matrix, on which the program that plays host to the dual programs of exchange and leisure can be organized. The field, which in architectural terms is translated as a slab, hosts the program as a non-linear series of incidents. The sum total of the programmed grid is a collage of experiences, violently surreal in nature. The architecture is the organization of programs, as pavilions on a neutral plane. Firmly anchored by a circulation core on site, the slabs project outward, suspended in a void outside of the official boundaries above the steeply sloping Peak.
Work details
Application Number 0000102168
Author Gertler, Miles , Canada
Coauthors Dobson, Daniel ,
Hiriart, Helena ,
Hiriart, Helena ,
Jansse, Sven ,
Jansse, Sven ,
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