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Work title: Peak d’Or

The idea of how to contain the hedonistic and luxurious residential club on top of The Peak in Hong Kong arose from a joint consideration of the site itself portrayed as if seen from several viewpoints at once and employing the concept of mobile perspective. The notion of faceting of the existing topography, spatial vagueness, transparency and diversity is lifted above The Peak forming five levels conveying a physical and psychological sense of the fluidity of consciousness. We decided to level the ground at the mid point by excavating the rock at the North end and rebuilding the South end form it - forming a granite plinth with a direct vehicle access from the Mount Austin Road. It is utilized for the car park, plant rooms, services and connects the public piazza above via curved inward accommodation for lavatories, changing, two art galleries, bar and cocktail lounge facing the glass wall of the pool above. The two hundred meter long pool follows the geometry of the entire East edge of the plinth offering clean, undisturbed views of the city and across Hong Kong’s Harbour. The Club and Residential accommodations are suspended above suggesting the natural system of trees and human beings. Ten stems or backbone like columns from which the structure depends are the supply, distribution, waste and circulation system of the entire complex. This level is accessible by means of large spiral stairs and elevators sliding on the sides of the columns. Residential units at the North and South ends are directly connected to the Club at the same level while the Library, Squash Courts, Health Club and Informal Dining hung as rectangular cuboids. The exterior walls having only their own weight to support are made of steel frame and two thicknesses of translucent gold plated synthetic skin. By night all cuboids are transformed as a monumental lanterns providing golden light to the piazza below. The main array of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues of the Club is hovering over the central part of the pool set against the stunning backdrop of the city while the immediate residential units are located at the opposite side. To safeguard the peace and tranquility of the occupants and omitting the noise and bright light without isolation from the outside world the external skin is made of two layers of polymer material containing unidirectional fibers providing the strength and stiffens the supportive steel construction. Subtropical monsoon climate which is extremely rainy between May and September together with a scorching summer heat influenced us to propose a canopy over the entire structure. Also used as Heliport and Zeppelin Terminal with a direct links to the world and immediate connection to the twin cities of Victoria and Kowloon is another way to experience the beauty of Hong Kong’s natural wonders. Moreover boasts the 360 degree viewing platform offering additional panoramas of outlying islands - Cheung Chau, Lamma and Lantau. Through the arterial composition the proposed complex is designed following a selection of successive viewpoints at different levels as if viewed simultaneously from numerous angles fused into a single structure with respect to treatment of space, volume and mass of The Peak nature. Offers spectacular panoramic views ranging from the cityscape to the surrounding wildness in the morning, midday, afternoon, nighttime...shaping a unique abstract value to the observer’s emotion.
Work details
Application Number 0000102030
Author Dziubek, Wojciech , Croatia
Coauthors Gwizdak, Wojciech ,
Marciniec, Emil ,
Slewa, Amelia ,
Staniek, Joanna ,
Wijas, Malgorzata ,
Wojtasik, Konrad ,
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