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Work title: RECURS(H)IVE II

Juror's comment
The project Recurs(h)ive II takes advantage of the extraordinary natural surrounding to saturate the site with a highly dynamic structure. The building stretches over the site boundaries adapting its geometry to the topography of the Peak to expose the dwellings to the breathtaking views. The articulation of the proposal is based on an adaptive hexagonal structure that forms a dense settlement within the site boundaries. The hexagons profilefate on three levels following the topographic contour of the peak. Each unit is formed by a supporting column providing vertical support to the articulation of the floor slabs and the roof. These tree-like columns are also providing the development with all the necessary mechanical and electric services. These vertical supports allow for the freeing of the ground level of the building where a communal landscape area, parking and outdoor leisure facilities are located. Above the ground floor, the second and the third level of the residential units stand on communal plateaus which serve the different units while providing terracing and connection between the different parts of the site. This spatial organizational strategy allow for an array of spatial conditions that start from the intimate private unit, to outdoor private balconies; from communal plateau to the semi-public ground floor, all the way to the use of outdoor landscaping facilities. The user is encouraged to navigate through these constantly changing conditions and playfully re-configure his/her path to interact with the fluid structure.
Work details
Application Number 0000101613
Author vanucci, marco , Italy
Coauthors Bianchini, Mirco , Italy
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