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Work title: Peak on Peak

Juror's comment
cool but too abstract
This is a competition about a competition. It is therefore necessary to address Zaha directly. We don’t care about the program description. We care about Zaha’s representation of the program. We don’t care about the site. We care about Zaha’s representation of the site. And we couldn’t care less about Feng Shui. We care about form. Her “man made polished granite mountain” is the new starting point for our site. Its program is a mode of representation through abstraction. We look to Malevich’s early compositions to respond to the Suprematist Geology of architectons. Our proposal is a pyramid with an off-square base. Following White on White, it is rotated in the site to produce a new boundary. The pyramid is subdivided and reconstructed along several grid divisions: four square orthogonal, four square diagonal, nine square orthogonal, and nine square diagonal.We further zoom in on the four square diagonal composition. Four elevations are projected against each other to produce the new Peak. The mountain becomes a monument. Leisure Club occupies one quadrant, between the mountain and its new cap in the gaps between the real and the abstract.
Work details
Application Number 0000101566
Author Neimark, Anna , United States
Coauthors Atwood, Andrew , United States
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