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Work title: The Transformation of Value

Requesting to put contemporary spatial practice, “the building machine” in reverse is not a request for emancipation. It is a request for going on as is. The ‘Building Machine’ can’t be put into reverse, because there is no reverse in time. The ‘Building Machine’ only produces and moves forward. Production creates value: labour. The resulting products can be more or less valued. We live in a post-growth-society, in which value is created through the needs and desires of human affection. #arrangement #anthropocene What if Value is created not only by humans, but by human & non-human Desires/Non-Desires? #A-N-T #universal value The ‘Building Machine’ transforms.
Work details
Application Number 0000602643
Author Kölke, Manuela , Germany
Coauthors Gorny, Robert Alexander, Germany
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