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Work title: The Lawnmower

Scenario: The sprawling suburban development no longer fits the future spatial model of economic progress. The Fordist system has exhausted its factory-like sprawl outward, and the spatial remains of its economy must not just whither away un-utilized; it must be brushed away. Capitalism is in crisis. Meanwhile, the city grows. Coming is the promulgation of centralization and growth as the urban masses are accumulated in the metropolises of consumption. The retreat from the periphery is in high gear; populations must move, and the environment reclaimed: nature is to be re-found. Capital never misses this kind of opportunity in crisis. While there can no longer be the material extraction of the environment the only remaining place for material extraction are the obsolete territories of an old Capitalist order. The economy of subtraction that was once shrouded by the image of progress and production will now be the active force that is spectacularized by its vast scales of operation. The industry of destruction is now the glorified practice of global capital, reclaiming the suburban wasteland. The Lawnmower: The instrument of the economy of subtraction will be the spectacle of value reclamation. It is a giant land roaming machine. The components of the machine are supersized versions of everyday suburban lawn and land care machinery. Things once use to cultivate and beautify the American dream, are now the instruments of its liquidation. Moving across the suburban horizon, the machine slowly eats away at a dead lifestyle. It takes each house up, shredding it to pieces, inhaling every element. In its belly, it separates each particular material to be packaged up. The end result is a nicely packaged box of recycled granular mix awaiting retrieval by air to be shipped off. The entire suburban house - now extracted of all its former dream, is now replaced with tilled land to be used in support of a growing, hungry population.
Work details
Application Number 0000602641
Author Kollar, Justin , United States
Coauthors , ,
Chon, Jaewoo , Canada
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