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Work title: Greenland - Unknown Flows

Juror's comment
A project based on the living units reminds Bucky''''s dymaxion. I think it''''s a good approach to change our traditional way of understanding land ownership ["There would be no private land ownership, just the possibility of renting, regulated by Greenland''''s urban policies."] And architecture-based proposal with a small project as the living unit, answers in a good way the competition brief proposed by David. [EBP] The most remarkable concept is the proposal of non-private land ownership. The tent-like units proposed attempt to have a low environmental impact on the environment however they appear to be a merely formal exercise. The economic flows are divided in: available and required resources, all of them coming from conventional sources. No pre-selected. [CRN]
A search for re-establishing of Greenland''s former self-sufficiency, analysed and achieved through contemporary economical factors such as energy, food, production and tourism. In this approach, architecture is the main physical support for the dynamic changes caused by the right political, economical, cultural, social and ecological strategies. By using multifunctional living units which can be added, subtracted, rotated, dislocated, refitted or removed, architecture tries to eliminate the possibility of failed urban planning based on miscalculations, and thus, to respond to the unknown flows of future Greenland.
Work details
Application Number 0000401856
Author Pranjić, Silvija , Croatia
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