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Juror's comment
This is the only project that refers to the new [but real] digital territories. It is undeniable that territorial configuration in the current times, includes this virtual networks and that they affect economy. Reminds me the "Money and Speed" documentary. This project would be one of my selection, as it links the physical, the digital and the formal proposal, always related with money and economy. Pre-selected [imo]. [EBP] A proposal combining digital and material territories. The trading market algorithmic logic is blatantly used and new arctic landscapes suggested by the interaction of trading information, servers and environment. A must include. [CRN]
The new technological-artificial context which is definitively removing us from the idea of territory as a physical condition, stable and permanent, has already become real. But as the real is increasingly a scenography of the virtual, which has imposed its instant speeds on our way of communicating and operating, we should start thinking how are its new categories redefined. Spacetime laws have changed completely. The territory has become a deloca­ lized picture of itself. We can even travel without moving, surfing the net from our computers. This new conditions influence completely the way we produce benefit From the geographical sources, so we have to give new answers adapted to the virtual territory. Throughout history money has always been a direct cosequence of local resources exploitation. This condition has been linked to soil physical properties, and to increase our wealth, we have had to explore new territories. Nowadays, we may be facing a new situation in which there is no need to move to get benefit. Communication system (now far away from the image of intrepid explorers on their ships in search of golden lands) is a complex network that allows us to get what we want From the world instantly. Therefore we should start also thinking on the possibilites of virtual exploitation and stop thinking on the world''''''''s shape or physical condition. High-frequency trading (HFT) is a type of algorithmic trading, specifically the use of sophisticated technological tools anCJ computer algoritl1ms to rapidly trade securities. HFT uses rroprietary trading strategies carried out l:iy compu­ ters to move in and out of positions in seconds or fractions o a second. Firms focused on HFT rely on advanced computer systems, the processing sreed of their trades and their access to the market.of 2009,studies suggested HFT firms accounted For 60-73% o all US equity trading volume, with that number Falling to approximately 50% in 2012 The North Pole, situated on the economic center of gravity, is the place where latency (signal distance from mother servers) is shorter. This makes iceland the the best place on the planet to locate servers for high frequency trading firms. To this is added its low temperature, which helps to cool the equipment needed for this type of installation. The Invisible High Frequency Trader is a money generator that does not alter the physical resources of Iceland, but it is positioned in it virtually. A modular growing system which produces money from high frequency trading opera­ tions releasing large amount of usable energy to generate atmospheres. The Invisible High Frequency Trader is an strategic location for internet servers materialsed as a series of modules which generate both, a strong data proces­ sor enabling transactions and a series of variable attached conditioned spaces.The basic configuration needs three modules to operate. Two covered spaces and a refrigeration pool. In both higher spaces is where servers are located and artifitial dimas can be adjusted. The proposal is based on the use of geometry and air - the main material - as a debate about different models of the specific program relations, technology and energy management or consumption. The IHFT is defined using a confrontation between two diferent species of spaces, two different classes of technological objects: In contrast to the conditions required for the machinery (the servers), reacts an hypertrophied series of volcano-shaped spaces which represent a contemporary way of understanding the relation between humans and their new space-time conditions,money, climate and information.
Work details
Application Number 0000401614
Author Ruiz-Larrea, Gabriel , Spain
Coauthors Pérez, Ledo , Spain
Pérez, Ledo , Spain
Pérez, Ledo , Spain
Pérez, Ledo , Spain
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