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Zagreb, 20th of September 2015

4th Think Space Conference - New Publicness

The Think Space programme in 2015 is getting closer to its conclusion with the, already traditional Think Space (Un)Conference which will be taking place in Zagreb, Croatia on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2015. The venue is the Croatian Association of Artist and the conclusion of this year’s cycle is an opportunity for the awarded authors, call for papers participants, jury members, architects and everyone interested in the topic public space to meet for two of days of lectures,discussions, presentations, exhibition and more. Croatian Chamber of Architects has certified the conference with 19 Continuing Professional Development points. 

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 Think space & Zagreb for me

*image courtesy of Ben Tolman

This year the Think Space Programme is returning to you in form of a Special Edition under the topic .THINK public .SPACE. We are shifting from our well known cycle format of Competitions to a single public, anonymous conceptual architectural Competition that will focus on urban public spaces.

On this occasion Think Space has teamed up with an ambitious and comprehensive project of revitalization of public spaces in the City of Zagreb – Zagreb for Me, which is being executed by the Zagreb Society of Architects in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Zagreb and the City Acupuncture initiative. Zagreb for Me is a project that comprises 17 architectural – urbanistic design Competitions aiming at raising the quality of public spaces within the City through precise architectural interventions engaging the public, experts as well as institutions within the process.

In this context Think Space will strive to seek out solutions for present-day public spaces on conceptual and theoretical levels. As the public space of a city is a key place of conflict of economical and political paradigms of the society the task is to respond to the question of architecture’s ability (as a specific discipline) to intervene in this process. What is actually the support and function of architecture in times of growing economical and political instability and its repercussions on public space? Is architecture forced to rely on its own knowledge, its own form in these times, or, and how to include other disciplines in co-creating the public sphere?

thinking publicness

27th April - 2nd October | 2015 

The Think Space programme serves as a platform for spatial experimentation and conceptual thinking. In 2015 THINK SPACE is conducting an international, public, anonymous, single stage, conceptual architectural – urbanistic idea design Competition under the topic THINK public SPACE. The focus of this Special Edition of Think Space will be directed on urban public space. Within the project Zagreb for Me, the Think Space Competition will strive to seek out solutions for present-day public spaces on conceptual and theoretical levels with the potential of realisation of the selected competition projects in the public spaces of Zagreb, Croatia.

DAZ and the Think Space Programme and will conduct a Call for Papers under the theme of public spaces throughout 2015 with the aim of publishing an annual publication which is to consist of awarded Competition entries and selected papers. A two-day Conference including an Exhibition and an Award Ceremony is planned at the conclusion of the Competition, and will be held in Zagreb in October 2015 bringing together the winning teams, members of the Jury and interested participants in debates, presentations of the winning projects and opening of the Exhibition of Competition entries.

Detailed competition requirements are to be found here.



THINK public SPACE Competition

Launch 27 April 2015
Questions Deadline 20 May 2015
Submission Deadline 30 June 2015
Results Announcement 25 July 2015

Call for Papers 2015

Call Announcement 17 June 2015
Abstract Submission 27 July 2015
Full Paper Submission 10 September 2015
Results Announcement 17 September 2015

IV (un)Conference

Early Bird Registration 20 April 2015
Early Bird Closed 15 July 2015
Late Bird Closed 30 September 2015
Conference 2-3 October 2015

TS publication

Think Space MONEY publication was presented during the 3rd Think Space UnConference in Zagreb in June 2014. It containes both the overview of the awarded projects from competitions conducted in the Money Cycle - Territories, Culture & Society, and Environment/ Subtraction, as well as 9 theoretical papers selected to be published. Order your copy here!



Professionals and students in architecture and related fields are eligible to participate in THINK public SPACE Competition. We are promoting and welcoming interdisciplinary approach and whoever feels capable of submiting the entry that complies with the competition requirements is eligible to aply. 


Registration is only possible through the official competition website here and it is free of charge. Upon the registration proceedure and logging in, you will be at liberty to enter the submission procedure.


After completing registration proceedure, you will be enabled to submit your entry.